Well-Organized Inorganic Nanowire Films: Assemblies and by Jian-Wei Liu

By Jian-Wei Liu

This thesis provides the newest findings on macroscopic-scale nanowire skinny films composed of built-in nanowires. It introduces readers to crucial synthesis and meeting techniques for the layout and fabrication of fine quality nanowire skinny movies, and discusses their underlying ideas intimately. The booklet highlights examples particular to well-aligned nanowire platforms, and explores the functions of nanowire structures, together with reminiscence units, versatile obvious electrodes, and so forth. The e-book deals a beneficial source for researchers and graduate scholars operating in fabrics technology, specifically in nanowire gadget fabrication.

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Copyright 2014 WILEY-VCH Fig. 8 a–d Morphology and structure of the as-obtained W18O49 nanowires. e–h Two styles (parallel and cross) of ordered nanowire nanostructures. Reprinted with permission from Ref. [50]. Copyright 2013 American Chemical Society and properties, which make them applicable in a wide range of traditional electronic devices (logic and memory) to novel chemical and biomolecular sensors, optoelectronic devices, and thermoelectric materials [6, 7, 10]. In traditional semiconductors, tungsten oxide is considered a significant n-type semiconductor due to its photocatalytic, gas sensor, and electrochromic applications [40–45].

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