Verilog Digital System Design by Zainalabedin Navabi

By Zainalabedin Navabi

This rigorous textual content indicates electronics designers and scholars find out how to set up Verilog in subtle electronic platforms design.The moment version is totally up-to-date -- besides the numerous labored examples -- for Verilog 2001, new synthesis criteria and assurance of the recent OVI verification library.

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The 1 value represents forcing 1, resistive 1, and a capacitive 1. These are defined similar to various modes of the 0 value. For example a forcing 1 is defined as the logic value driven by a supply voltage. The Z value represents an undriven, high-impedance value. This is the electrical float which causes no current flow to either supply or ground voltage. Both Z and z are acceptable forms of this logic value. The X value represents a conflict in multiple driving values, an unknown, an uninitialized value, a short between two opposing values (0 and 1), or a bus contention.

Controllers can be as easy as one flip-flop, handshaking handlers, or as complex as several concurrent state machines. 22 shows an outline of a controller circuit. The inputs to the controller determine its next states and its outputs. The controller monitors its inputs and makes decisions as to when and what output signals to assert. Controllers keep past history of circuit data by switching to appropriate states. 23 Synchronizing adata This section presents two examples to illustrate some of the features of Verilog for describing state machines.

19. The partial hardware shown selects Aside or Bside depending on select_source and puts it on the ABinput side of the ALU (this is connected to the actual ALU8 right port). The Inbus, which is a local signal in the scope of this partial hardware, is connected to the left input of ALU8. The ALU output (ALUout) connects to Outbus in this hardware, and its mode input connects to the local 2-bit function signal. The partial Verilog code of Fig. 20 is the code that corresponds to the diagram of Fig.

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