Timothy Leary, the Madness of the Sixties and Me by Charles W. Slack

By Charles W. Slack

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This is typical of most teachers and professors: They get their kicks vicariously from young people, and at the same time they put young people down. It's a conspiracy on the part of older people to put down young people. "Instead of criticizing Yale students for their habits, the faculty should teach undergraduates how to make ecstatic, divine love—with concepts, with women, with LSD and with every aspect of God's energies. But of course they don't, because they don't know how to themselves. They only can imagine what the young people are doing, the fun they are having.

Dresses and shirts were remnants and raiments, ragbag and regal satin. It was a gathering of extras from DeMille, a bawdy house from the Gold Rush, an amateur production of Dante's Inferno. Black magic was a fad, and several witches and warlocks glared fearsomely from acid-etched eyes that had seen Satan and would never be the same. The beautiful hippie girls of whom Leary spoke were there, with pre-pubertal Frisco-fog cheeks of rose. Robin Hood was there, at least a half-dozen Jesus Christs, Venus and Adonis, Mickey Mouse, an Indian tribe or two, a cave man and dinosaur, Tarzan and Cheeta, and Man Mountain Dean.

They are already turned on. Then will come the ordinary working adults, regular nine-to-five people, who will soon turn on. The professions will be next—doctor-lawyer power roles. It is impossible to remain tied to a profession during or after an LSD session. Right now the professions are the shackles of the middle class, each link forged in the power struggle for status and prestige. LSD cures the disease of professionalism. For example, I gave LSD to a group of Protestant ministers on Good Friday in an Episcopal church in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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