Thud! by Terry Pratchett

By Terry Pratchett

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Sausagey Santa

A bizarro Christmas tale. .. full of intercourse and violenceSanta is not the jolly outdated elf he is been defined as in kid's tales. he is a piece extra gruesome than that. His eyes are pimento-stuffed olives, his enamel are walnuts, and his physique is made up of sausages. One snowy Christmas Eve, whereas vacationing the Fry kin, Sausagey Santa is attacked through an evil strength that's pushed to ruin Christmas ceaselessly.

Caster's Blog: A Geek Love Story

Ray Caster is a standard man who drew the fast stick on existence. He works in a depressing place of work doing a depressing activity. He will get no admire from his co-workers. For that topic, he will get no appreciate from his acquaintances. Caster's life is one pathetic downward spiral of TiVo and quickly nutrition until eventually the day his lifestyles is became upside-down through a goddess from an vehicle elements shop.

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A "saintly" previous candy-store proprietor is at the lam-and bounty hunter extraordinaire Stephanie Plum is at the case. because the physique count number rises, Stephanie unearths herself facing useless drug buyers and slippery fugitives at the chase of her lifestyles. And with the aid of eccentric family and friends, Steph needs to see to it that this example does not turn out being her final.

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(Book Jacket prestige: Jacketed)The in basic terms hardcover version of Roald Dahl’s tales for adults, the accrued tales amply showcases his singular presents as a fabulist and a born storyteller. Later identified for his immortal children’s books, together with Charlie and the Chocolate manufacturing facility, James and the enormous Peach, and The BFG, Dahl additionally had a genius for grownup brief fiction, which he wrote all through his lifestyles.

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You're a wonderful person and a great friend. " or..... " rcaster1138 comments... I'm familiar with the Weezer song, of course, but did Buddy Holly and Mary Tyler Moore even know each other? She was married to Dick Van Dyke, right? aerospace comments... before asking her to be exclusive, you should kiss her. gauge her reaction. if she seems confused or unsure of what just happened, maybe you should try for a few more one on one dates with her before asking her to be exclusive. maybe it's just me, but any dating phrase using the word "steady" sounds out-ofdate to me.

Didn't turbo dan say there was nothing going on between them when you asked? did you even ask? mother of hell. nostradomnatrix comments... Thinking of TD with her is, to me, akin to a child scribbling on the Sistine Chapel with a crayon. I'm sure you were totally grossed out and mortified. I'm so sorry you had to hear that. Game ain't over yet, Rocky. You gotta get back in there and finish this, one way or the other. Go by there today, take her out again, do whatever. The shock of what she said will be gone soon...

And this thin, gauzy skirt. She had on no makeup, and her braids were all pulled back in one of those fabric rubber band things. It must have been well over 90 degrees in her place, but she still managed to look cool and comfortable as she lounged there reading a book and drinking a warm glass of tap water. She seemed happy to see me and invited me in and apologetically gave me my own glass of warm tap water. I asked her what she was reading. She said that all our talk about Brave New World had put her on a Huxley kick, so she was reading Ape and Essence.

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