Therese Raquin: Intermediate (Macmillan Readers) by Emile Zola, Margaret Tarner

By Emile Zola, Margaret Tarner

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Madame Raquin lived like this for several weeks. She thought that nothing worse could happen to her. But she was wrong. Laurent and Therese became careless. They began to talk about Camille so that the old woman could hear their conversation. ' Laurent asked Therese one evening. 'Is that why you are shaking? ' Therese replied. 'You killed him. ' Laurent asked his wife. 'No! If I'm a murderer, then so are you. ' Therese said. 'e. We made love every day and he didn't know. We were happy then. ' Madame Raquin was horrified.

He could never be an artist. He would never paint again. Laurent looked down at his hand. Whatever he tried to do, every painting would look like Camille. Camille would always be with him in his studio. 82 With a cry of terror, Laurent picked up a knife. Madame Raquin 11 adame Raquin had been ill for some time. Then she had a stroke 107 • She stopped speaking in the middle of a sentence and she never said another word again. She also became paralysed - she could not move any part of her body, except her eyes.

Not there. ' She fell back down onto her chair. Laurent bent down and held her head in his big hands. He made her press her 72 73 The Wedding Night lips against the mark on his neck. Therese did not move until Laurent let her go. Then she wiped her hand across her mouth and spat lO4 into the fire. Laurent turned away. He walked around the room for almost an hour. Therese sat in the chair without moving. They both knew the truth. When they had killed Camille, they had killed their desire for each other too.

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