The Sunset Warrior - SW1 by Eric Van Lustbader

By Eric Van Lustbader

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They both heard soft footfalls in the darkness outside. He said in a louder voice: 'Time is passing. ' In an undertone, he added: 'You must be at board. ' Ronin nodded. ' Then louder: 'Good, I shall see you later. ' He flicked his eyes and, with the briefest movement of his head, Ronin again nodded. He rose and left. In the surgery he passed two daggam groping through the dark on their way to see Stahlig. He passed up the only working Lift in this Sector because the queue was far too long and he lacked the patience to wait.

His jaw clenched. 'Orders is what counts, good orders. ' Ronin was very close now. 'That's why we -Marcsh's eyes got cunning. ' He went sullen. 'Just got my orders. ' Is that so. Ronin stepped around him and into the room. The door closed behind him, as Marcsh pulled it shut. It was deep grey with very murky Overheads. No carpet, but two unusual wall hang- ings in dark, muted colours. An ornate desk cut the cubicle off obliquely. Behind it, in a high- backed chair, sat Freidal. He was dressed as before, in dark grey.

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