The Enneagram Symbol of All & Everything by Nathan Bernier

By Nathan Bernier

This can be a strictly Gurdjieff orientated e-book, displaying the enneagram because the total common legislation, and explaining the basic cosmic legislation in a number of methods, from the purer symbolism and idea to the main pragmatic software. "The Enneagram - image of All and every little thing" connects, organizes and translates info from 3 resources. the 1st is Gurdjieff's writings themselves: his phrases, the underlying constitution, and quite often the implied experience and allusions that seem to be harmless. the second one includes major fragments transmit-ted by way of his fans, and likewise the monstrous inheritance of outdated symbology closing from a number of esoteric platforms, not just written but in addition integrated in artistic endeavors, tales and traditions. The 3rd and final resource, which labored as amalgam within the synthesis and understand-ing of the 1st , have been decades of labor, remark of outer and internal phenomena and tactics, meditation, and revelation. topic: non-fiction, metaphysics, phylosophy, psychology, esoterism, sacred geometry, self-help.

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Continuing thus, we can begin to have an idea of the Great Equation. An oak seed contains the program of its life, shape, and development, as well as all possibilities of interaction with its environment — to turn itself towards light, to bow to the wind, to 1 2 Gurdjieff, Views, p. 20. Gurdjieff, Beelzebub’s Tales, vol. I, pp. 123-4. See p. 93. THE ENNEAGRAM – SYMBOL OF ALL AND EVERYTHING - PART I 55 spread its roots in search of water, to rejoice with the spring, to get sick for lack of nutrients, and one day to die.

4 Peretzi, On the Third Line of Work, p. 30. THE ENNEAGRAM – SYMBOL OF ALL AND EVERYTHING - PART 0 47 because it does nothing with the enneagram, except use it with aesthetic and ornamental functions. “the least responsibility we have is to audibly state our good intended critique for the inadequate way the enneagram is out in use. ” 1 The true Way always begins with self-knowledge, which demands years of self-observation, self-study, exercises, and experiences — it is never instantaneous. When we speak about human types in the Fourth Way, we are referring to the seven categories of men, mainly to the three basic types, men number 1, 2, and 3: physical, emotional, and intellectual.

111 (Megalocosmos). Objective Symbology Man is the meta-symbol of the Universe. In order to understand man and the universe, we depart in search of objective or sacred symbology, applicable to all and everything in all times and places. We call sacred that which is essential, objective, and impartial, as opposed to that which is existential, subjective, and personal. In search of the truth through symbols, we are guided by the coincidences that we find by analogy. We start from the particular, near us, man, to understand the universe.

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