Sepher Ha-Razim: The Book of Mysteries (Texts and by Michael A. Morgan

By Michael A. Morgan

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And anyone for whom you ask, whether in writing or verbally, will be healed. Purify yourself from all impurity and cleanse your flesh from all carnality and then you will succeed. " 6 ^Margalioth suggests reading ^ f l u K i n i f o r l^fi:! K i n i . ' ' M S . ^ refers to a list of only seventy names. ent who serve TYGRH: 40 'KSTR MRSWM BRKYB KMSW 'STYB KRYT*L 'DYR GB' *QRB' •NBWR KBYR TYLH BRYTWR TRTM NTPY'L PRY'L TRWHWN SLHBYN 'SLB» MSTWB GRHT' HGR' 'YTMY'L HGL LGH MNYTY'L TNYMY'L 'YKRYT 'BRYT' RKYL'L HSTK • PPTS •STYRWP •WDY'L '§BYR MLKY'L HMK TRGH 'RWS DSWW' ZMBWT HSNYPLPT »RQ QNWMY'L NHY'L GDY'L 'DQ YMWMY'L PRWG DHGY'L DGRY*L 'GRY'L 'RWNWR DWNRNY' DLKT TBL TLY'L 'LY'L MWT'R *LPY'L PYTPR' LPWM 'WR TMR 'DLY'L 'STWRYN 'ZWTY 'YSTWRTY D'WBYT BRGMY DMWMY'L DYGR' 'BYB'L PRWTY'L QWMY*L DGWGR* DLGY'L PDWTY'L g These are the angels who are full of anger and wrath and who have been put in charge of every matter of combat and war and are prepared to torment and torture a man to death.

Full magical alphabets coalesce at a later date. Cf. Robert Ambelain, La Kabbale Pratique (Paris: Edition Niclaus, 1951), or the chart reproduced in Gustav Davidson, A Dictionary of Angels (London: Macmillan, 1967) 335. The use of ringed symbols may derive from the punch writing on Greek allotment plates which were worn in a similar fashion to amulets. Cf. John H. Kroll, Athenian Bronze Allotment Plates (Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 1972). TRANSLATION 47 These, their station is on the third step, for their function is to shake and agitate the hearts of men and to make void their intentions and nullify their thoughts.

And if you wish to send them against your enemy, or against your creditor, 9 50 or to capsize a ship, or to fell a fortified wall, or against any business of your enemies, to damage and destroy, whether you desire to exile him, or to make him bedridden, or to blind him or to lame him,"^^ or to grieve him in any thing (do as follows): Take''"''' water from seven springs on the seventh day of the month, in the seventh hour of the day, in seven unfired pottery 12 13 vessels, and do not mix them with one another.

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