Selim III, Social Control and Policing in Istanbul at the by Betul Basaran

By Betul Basaran

Among predicament and Order

In Selim III, Social Order and Policing in Istanbul on the finish of the Eighteenth Century Betul Basaran examines Selim III’s social keep an eye on measures and Istanbul’s dynamic inhabitants, urging us to move past mechanistic versions of borrowing that attention totally on eu impact in discussions of Ottoman “modernity”.

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55 The alleged instability caused by the potential of fluid alliances and networks among the dynamic population of Istanbul, especially during such times of political and economic challenges posed by ongoing wars and the ascendancy of the aʿyān (provincial notables), contributed to the renewed efforts to centralize power in the hands of the Ottoman sultan. 58 In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, there were both mass migration and chain migration movements into Istanbul. The mass migrations brought flocks of 55 56 57 58 See Şerif Mardin, “Freedom in an Ottoman Perspective,” in State, Democracy and the Military: Turkey in the 1980s, ed.

First of all, people belonging to the military class (askerī) and men 79 See Hüseyin Necdet Ertuğ, Osmanlı Döneminde İstanbul Deniz Ulaşımı ve Kayıkçılar (Ankara: Kültür Bakanlığı Yayınları, 2001) and Osmanlı Döneminde İstanbul Hammalları (Istanbul: Timaş Yayınları, 2008). 80 Salih Aynural, İstanbul Değirmenleri ve Fırınları. Zahire Ticareti (Istanbul: Tarih Vakfı, 2001), p. 42. 81 Aktepe, “İstanbul’un Nüfus Meselesine Dair,” pp. 6–7. 82 İnalcık, “Istanbul,” EI2. ” 83 Aktepe, Patrona, pp. 25–26.

Pp. 23–27. “…ẖilāfet-i ʿaliyem olan maḥmiye-i İstanbul’da fi’l-aṣl sākin olanların taʿayyüşlerinde raḥāt ve refāhiyetleri İstanbul şehrini müzāḥame-i nāsdan ḥimāyet ve ṣıyānete menūṭ…” Ankara Şeriye Sicili 130, p. 210, #338; full text in Özkaya, “Osmanlı İmparatorluğu’nda XVIII. Yüzyılda Göç,” pp. 193–194. See for example, Madeline Zilfi, “Goods in the Mahalle: Distributional Encounters in Eighteenth-Century Istanbul,” in Consumption Studies, ed. 100 However, these measures provided only temporary relief at best.

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