Ordinary Wisdom - Sakya Pandita's Treasury of Good Advice by Sakya Pandita, Sakya Khenpo Sangyay Tenzin, John T.

By Sakya Pandita, Sakya Khenpo Sangyay Tenzin, John T. Davenport, Sallie D. Davenport, and Losang Thonden

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The king admitted giving the order. " and disappeared. One day thereafter the kitchen servant was unable to buy meat because an alms-begging monk had given a vow of fasting to the townspeople. There being no other solution, he went to the cemetery and found the body of a child who had just died. Secretly he cut it up and took it home, and this meat was served to the king. The time of the sage's curse had come to pass. " The servant was terrified and said nothing. " "It is the flesh of a child since I could find no other meat," confessed the servant.

He presented the landlord with many precious gifts. " demanded the landlord. "Because you threw me into the river, I received empowerment to the throne of a ruling deity who died last year," said the boy. " asked the landlord. The boy replied, "It is available to anyone who goes there. " / A N E X A M I N AT I O N O F T H E W I S E 37 "Well then, I shall go there, too," announced the landlord. "The best way is exactly as was done before," said the boy. He tied up the l andlord in a gunny sack and threw him into the Ganges.

Untrained foolish people cannot grasp the significance of sage counsel. When the sun rises, its brilliance causes owls to become blind, because they cannot tolerate sunlight. Once upon a time there was an intelligent king named Brahmadatta who assembled a group of scholars. The king was so impressed with the debating skill of the great scholar Brahmin Vararuci that he offered his daughter Suvarnottama in marriage. "If he is the most learned of all," Suvarnottama declared, "then I shall marry him.

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