National Driller February 2011 by Greg Ettling

By Greg Ettling

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The Origin of the Indo-Iranians (Leiden Indo-European Etymological Dictionary Series)

The following, then is the fruit of Elena Kuz'mina's life-long quest for the Indo-Iranians. Already its predecessor ("Otkuda prishli indoarii", released in 1994) used to be thought of the main finished research of the origins of the Indo-Iranians ever released, yet during this new, considerably extended version (edited by means of J.

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Both programs emphasized that grouting boreholes works in protecting ground water quality, provided the type of grouting fits the conditions and it is applied properly. The Nebraska grout study began in 2000 with installation of a prototype well using clear PVC casing to allow use of a downthe-hole camera to visually inspect the grout seal. Upon reviewing data in 2000, the state expanded the study to multiple sites in varying geologic and hydrologic conditions to get a broader spectrum of data.

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This shift away from government’s long-standing praise of the benefits of fluoride is sure to reenergize groups that still oppose it. Fluoride is a mineral that exists naturally in water and soil. Scientists in the early 1940s discovered that people who lived where water supplies naturally had more fluoride also had fewer cavities. 2. Today, most public drinking water supplies are fluoridated, especially in larger cities. Counting everyone, including those who live in rural areas, about 64 percent of Americans drink fluoridated water.

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