Microcontrollers in practice by M Mitescu; I Susnea

By M Mitescu; I Susnea

"Stressing universal features and genuine purposes of the main used microcontrollers, this functional advisor offers readers with hands-on wisdom of ways to enforce 3 households of microcontrollers (HC11, AVR, and 8051). not like the remainder of the sea of literature on person chips, Microcontrollers in perform provides side-by-side comparisons and an outline that treats the structures as resources Read more...

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2. Waveforms of the control signals for the circuit presented in Fig. 1 The problem becomes more complicated when it is not possible to send the serial clock over the communication line. In this situation, the receiver must generate its own clock, RxCLK, to shift data into the Rx shift register. This type of serial communication, where the serial clock is not transmitted on the communication line, is called asynchronous communication. The generic block diagram of an asynchronous communication system is shown in Fig.

5. 5 The Serial Communication Interface of 68HC11F1 SCDR – SCI Data Register The transmitter’s and receiver’s data registers have the same address and the same name: Serial Communication Data Register (SCDR). 5 The Serial Communication Interface of 68HC11F1 31 register, while the read operations from SCDR return the content of the receiver’s data register. BAUD – Baud Rate Generator Control Register To select the communication speed, a special register, called BAUD, has been provided. This controls how the system clock E is divided in the baud rate generator block, before it is applied to the control logic that actually generates the clock for the serial shift registers.

4), a value of 1 is obtained, that means the falling edge detected at the moment T0 was not a valid start bit, but a spike due to electromagnetic noise. This type of error is called noise error. Similarly, if the data line status at the moment T1 = T0 + Tb /2 + 9 × T b is not HIGH, this means that the expected stop bit is invalid, indicating that the byte received is in error. This type of error is called framing error. Obviously, these two control methods are insufficient to detect all possible errors.

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