Lion of Siddhas: The Life and Teachings of Padampa Sangye by Padampa Sangye

By Padampa Sangye

Padampa Sangye's impact at the Buddhism of Tibet and China is profound. This translation of his biography introduces us to a transcendent, irascible, and iconoclastic determine. Padampa Sangye inspired his disciplines to ignore social conventions, disdain social touch, and holiday via their cultural conditioning. even though in a position to convey long sermons, Padampa Sangye taught simply as frequently solely with out phrases, or with cryptic messages just like Zen koans. His outlandish type and staggering deeds will captivate readers. the great presentation of his non secular profession, teachings, and deeds will make it an essential reference paintings for college students of japanese spirituality.

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Such nauseating talk in the name of Dharma! Chasing after Dharma! Infatuated with sense objects! Studying meaning for the sake of the examples! Would you send a child to the enemy? Would you cover the one with everything? Would you sell out the meaning for the words? Would you send the lord to the subjects? Would you buy the inexpressible with candy? “Outwardly, relax clinging to objects! Inwardly, give up clinging to the body! Secretly, loosen clinging to mind! Tighten with intensity, and then gently relax!

41 There the great king of Oddiyana named Mahabala 52 lion of sid d h as invited many male and female siddhas. In the ranks of a great ganachakra feast Dampa sang songs of expansion of realizations. As a result, immeasurable dakinis as many as atoms of Mt. Sumeru gathered and gave Dampa many tantras and oral instructions that had never before been given in the human realm. Then they said: Although attained to the citadel of the immutable, oneself, Light rays of compassion impartially Fulfill needs of our parents in the six realms!

Being near the glorious mountain of the south, it was a place blessed by Avalokiteshvara, where he taught ethical discipline. Being close to the sandalwood forest of Bhishikota of the south, it was a place of the teachings and blessings of Tara of the Sandalwood Forest. It was in the town connected to the Forest of the Sage Arya, an extremely wondrous place from which many champions arose, that Lord Dampa was born. The Greatness of His Family Lineage and Birth Induced by the dawning of unique altruistic aspiration, The great sunlight of the supreme emanated being Rises from the east destroying darkness of the five degenerations, Illuminating all directions with light of virtue and goodness!

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