Light of Wisdom, Vol. I by Padmasambhava, Jamgon Kongtrul, Erik Pema Kunsang, Marcia

By Padmasambhava, Jamgon Kongtrul, Erik Pema Kunsang, Marcia Binder Schmidt

The mild of knowledge Vol. I contains the basis terma—hidden treasure text—of Padmasambhava, The sluggish direction of the knowledge Essence and its remark The mild of Wisdom by means of Jamgön Kongtrül the good. Annotations at the observation getting into the trail of knowledge spoken through Jamyang Drakpa and recorded via Jokyab Rinpoche are integrated in addition to clarifications from different masters.

Volume I provides in-depth reasons of the Vajrajana Buddhist point of view. It starts off with the character of the floor, the Buddha nature found in all beings, keeps with the lessons which are universal to all autos, and concludes with the Mahayana and the hyperlink to Vajrayana.

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If they had parts, this w ould contradict the assertion o f pardessness. £ T hey are nothing b u t a nonexistent and false appearance, an interdependence, £ Like dreams, magical illusion, and the reflection o f the m o o n in water. £ R egard them as a city o f gandharvas and as a rainbow. £ T h e m ind that observes is also devoid o f an ego or a self-entity. £ It is neither seen as som ething different from the aggregates £ N o r as identical w ith these five aggregates. £ If the first w ere true, there w ould exist some o th er substance.

S W ith the thorough intention to calm your m ind, I Take the m undane dhyanas as the foundation. I T h ro u g h fully accom plishing samadhi w ith vipashyana, ^ E n ter the dom ain o f the experience o f the tathagatas. § By means o f the intelligence that fully discerns phenom ena, ^ First com p reh en d the words o f all teachings through learning. S N ext seek an understanding o f their m eaning through reflection, S A nd finally realize the m eaning through m editation. £ H aving ripened your ow n being, gather followers through generosity, £ D elight them w ith pleasing words, and com fort them by being consistent.

S T hus it is dem onstrated by these three aspects. S T h e ground to be understood is the all-pervasive sugata essence. S U n co m p o u n d e d , lum inous, and empty, it is the natural state o f awareness. S B eyond confusion and liberation, it is com pletely quiescent, like space. S A lthough it abides w ith o u t separation in samsara or jo in in g in nirvana, S D u e to the great dem on o f coem ergent and conceptual ignorance, S From the solidified habitual patterns o f grasping and fixation, S And the different perceptions o f w orlds and inhabitants, S T h e six classes o f beings appeared as a dream.

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