LA Promesa and Other Stories (Chicana & Chicano Visions of by Leroy V. Quintana

By Leroy V. Quintana

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Hard Power, Soft Power And the Future of Transatlantic Relations

The dynamics of transatlantic family members within the twenty-first century were formed by means of an American choice for the workout of its substantial 'hard strength' features whereas Europeans have hottest to attract upon the significant 'soft energy' assets that experience grown from their enviable inner strategies of integration.

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Try it on your husband or lover, your mistress. You’ll get your wish and the cook will go to the big house—but you won’t. Otherwise, a beautiful town. No dogs, no cats, no rats, and everybody’s marriage seems secure. Everybody strolls hand in hand. Everything seems slow. And smooth. And the girl he had met in Paris! Beautiful! He had spent a day there, strolling in the park, holding hands, revealing secrets, letting the day melt itself away, discussing the war, the future, perhaps a future together, until it was time to say good-bye.

White, like the guy in the castle who experimented with body parts until he created a human. Human but a monster. Pobrecito. He wanted to know what the arroyo that was named after him was called in Spanish, so I told him. He repeated it two, three times to himself, and then he asked what it meant in English, and I told him, and then he turned even redder than chile pequín. e 35 36 e Leroy V. Quintana “So he claims he killed it, um, two, three weeks ago, maybe longer, and promises to bring in the rattles in two, um, three days so we can examine them?

If Professor Farnsworth wasn’t a millionaire, he was certainly very close. He still had to decide which of his thousands of books to keep and which to part with. Already he had taken, um, say two, three loads down to San Miguel but had ended up donating most of them to the Willkie Martínez Library (branch libraries for Los Brasos, Las Animas, Los Chávez, Gallinas, and La Plata were still in the planning stage). The rest he had thrown away. Whatever wasn’t fit for the archives at the university or the Willkie Martínez Library was certainly not fit for his home.

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