Jack Reacher 07 Persuader by Lee Child

By Lee Child

Jack Reacher.

The final loner.

An elite ex-military cop who left the carrier years in the past, he’s moved from position to place…without family…without possessions…without commitments.

And with no worry. that's sturdy, simply because trouble—big, violent, complex trouble—finds Reacher anywhere he is going. And whilst difficulty reveals him, Reacher doesn't surrender, now not once…not ever.

But a few unfinished enterprise has now discovered Reacher. And Reacher is a guy who hates unfinished business.

Ten years in the past, a key research went bitter and somebody bought away with homicide. Now an opportunity come upon brings all of it again. Now Reacher sees his one final shot. a few may name it vengeance. a few might name it redemption. Reacher may name it…justice.

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