Enter the Zombie (All Flesh Must be Eaten RPG) by Various

By Various

The 1st sourcebook to All Flesh needs to be Eaten opens complete new vistas for a jogging lifeless crusade. This tome brings jointly the thrills of Hong Kong motion movies and the buzz of flesh-craving horror. The fit of those genres won't have look seen initially, however the pleasures that come up from it are indisputable. finally, zombies and Hong Kong sort motion make an ideal healthy. What greater fit is there for a continuing sequence of lightning kicks and a storm of bullets than a objective that cannot die? The pulse-pounding hazard simply by no means stops. along with, what martial arts grasp worthy his salt does not pain for the power to exploit his personal intestines as a perilous whip? For the undead, no challenge!

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Zombie masters usually have some sort of grudge they have carried back with them from the grave. Whether to defend their living loved ones, avenge some wrong done to them while they still drew breath, or something else, this fixation drives them beyond death. For those who have not noticed, All Flesh Must Be Eaten Character Types (other than the Norm) are built by dividing 70 points between the Attribute, Quality, Skill and Metaphysics categories. A zombie character draws from a 90-point pool, but must spend roughly 20 points getting to a level of cognizance that normal humans take for granted (Problem Solving and Long-term Memory).

A few things must be learned. Most importantly, kung fu characters need to learn how to fight. Presented here are all the rules necessary to create and play martial arts masters, be they living or dead. But wait . . there’s more. Martial arts can mean more than kicking, punching or using fingernails as shuriken. In today’s modern age, let’s not forget about guns. Not only is kung fu covered here, but also gun fu—incredible maneuvers and techniques for pistol-packing, tough guys of either the live or dead persuasions.

Courage renewed, but no fool, Chu paused for a moment to collect himself and analyze how much damage he’d caused Gregor. The veteran played more hurt than he was, holding his “wounded” arm against his stomach as if in pain. The foolish young zombie wasn’t so far from life yet that he’d remember that the undead feel no pain. The flesh of Gregor’s taught abdomen gave way to his touch, allowing him to grasp the end of his small intestine. It writhed in his grasp. As Chu started to advance, Gregor pulled hard on his intestines.

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