DSP System Design: Complexity Reduced IIR Filter by Artur Krukowski

By Artur Krukowski

DSP method Design offers the research of distinctive kind of IIR polyphase clear out buildings mixed with frequency transformation strategies used for speedy, multi-rate filtering, and their software for customized fixed-point implementation. specific theoretical research of the polyphase IIR constitution has been awarded for 2 and 3 coefficients within the two-path association. This was once then generalized for arbitrary clear out order and any variety of paths. using polyphase IIR constructions in decimation and interpolation is being provided and function assessed by way of the variety of calculations required for the given clear out specification and the simplicity of implementation. Specimen decimation filter out designs for use in Sigma-Delta lowpass and bandpass A/D converters are offered which turn out to outperform different conventional methods.

DSP method Design could be of curiosity to graduate scholars, researchers, and pros circuit designers, who will require quick and low-complexity electronic filters for either unmarried and multi-rate functions, in particular people with low-power specification.

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For the first one the calculation time required to solve an set of linear equations is about 7 times longer than for an one. For iterative methods like the second one the calculation time is dependent not only on the order of the set of linear equations, but also on the number of iterations (dependent on the required accuracy). The accuracy is certainly also dependent on the filter being decomposed, namely the location of its poles which can heavily influence the accuracy of calculations. For the case of the decomposition of the transfer function of the real filter prototype it is important to properly pair the conjugate roots of the filter denominator (in other words recombine them into the second-order components) in order to eliminate the imaginary part from the calculation within the algorithm.

Two general approaches can be used to achieve this goal: prediction and noise shaping [15]. Predictive modulators spectrally shape the quantization noise as well as the signal, so they are not so useful for precise A/D converters. Noise shaping modulators, known as modulators, simply shape the noise spectrum without significantly altering the signal spectrum. They do not reduce the magnitude of the quantization noise, but instead shape the power density spectrum of this error, moving the energy towards high frequencies.

The method presented in this chapter calculates sections having the numerator order equal to the one of its denominator. 2. MULTIRATE FILTERS IN DATA CONVERTERS Before physical signals can be processed digitally they have to be converted from the analog to the digital form, by means of an analog-todigital (A/D) converter. Unfortunately this conversion introduces distortion. The stringent requirements, which the modern market imposes on A/D conversion, became achievable only due to the advent of fast and complex integrated circuits.

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