Daring Steps Toward Fearlessness: The Three Vehicles of by Ringu Tulku

By Ringu Tulku

Bold Steps towards Fearlessness attracts on a number of venerable resources, starting from Buddha's earliest teachings to a Vajayanna textual content via the yogi often called loopy Khyentse. As a lot perform handbook as scholastic accomplishment, this articulate, full of life presentation may be eagerly wanted as either reliable advent for the start pupil and an imperative reference for practitioners at each degree of the trail.

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Feeling blissful, comfortable, happy, and warm is therefore quite a good method. Different techniques can also be alternated, such as focusing on the breath for five minutes and then resting five minutes without any focus, just being within the sensation of our blissful nature. 50 daring steps toward fearlessness Sound is another good object for shiné meditation. When a mantra is recited, for example, this is nothing other than concentrating on sound. In Hinduism, sheer concentration on sound is practiced much more widely than in the Buddhist context.

I don’t like it. I want it. I don’t want it. I fear it. ” Everything is seen in this fragmented and totally distorted way. Whatever is perceived is immediately labeled as “good” or “bad,” and so forth. These labels are then elaborated upon into “very good” or “very bad,” and so on, and the pattern continues to infinity. We never see the thing as such. We only see what is in our mind and what has been built up by all kinds of concepts. Take a flower for example. The very first instant our eyes come into contact with it, it is seen distinctly in all its parts, like in a photograph.

Trying to do so is like trying to 52 daring steps toward fearlessness catch water with our hands. Especially if we try to hold on tightly, everything goes away. What is needed is a very skillful way of letting be and letting ourselves relax. When we can do that, we know how to meditate. This is only learned through doing, like learning how to swim or ride a bicycle. It will not be achieved through thinking or reading a book about it. Once we get the rope of our mindfulness onto the elephant, we hold it.

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