Complexity, variation, and isolation. by Raffaela Baechler, Guido Seiler

By Raffaela Baechler, Guido Seiler

Complexity of grammatical constitution has turn into a middle of curiosity in contemporary typological and dialectological study. The contributions of the current quantity talk about structural complexity from the point of view of language version and alter. specific realization is paid to the speculation that languages and kinds spoken by way of small, remoted groups are likely to exhibit larger complexity than others.

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Netherlands ham vs. Belgium/Flanders hesp ‘ham’. (3) Complexity as a natural and logical consequence of any form of linguistic variation. The more a linguistic description tries to account for internal diasystematic variation (based on Weinreich’s 1954 approach), the more such a description leads to a higher degree of language-internal complexity. Complexity, described in terms of inter-individual variation, increases considerably when a language shows a greater dialectal/sociolectal split, manifold stylistic variation, 50 Kurt Braunmüller or sophisticated pragmatic differentiation – and there is no (gradual) way back to linguistic simplicity again (cf.

Again it seems that codification alone does not predict anything about complexity: NHG is not clearly more or less complex than the non-standard varieties, but is situated between the non-standard varieties. Like noun inflection, the inflection of adjectives in Issime and Visperterminen Alemannic is more complex than in Kaiserstuhl Alemannic. Again, isolation seems to facilitate complexity: the non-isolated dialect is less complex than the isolated ones. However, adjective inflection in Visperterminen Alemannic is more complex than in Issime Alemannic ‒ the opposite of what we saw in noun inflection.

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