Compassion in Tibetan Buddhism: With Kensur Lekden’s by Tsong-ka-pa. Kensur Lekden, Jeffrey Hopkins, Lati Rinbochay,

By Tsong-ka-pa. Kensur Lekden, Jeffrey Hopkins, Lati Rinbochay, Barbara Frye, Anne Klein, Elizabeth Napper

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Then, it w ill spread here. ’ This refers to the spread o f the Buddhist teaching to Tibet and then to M ongolia, during which time it disappeared in India. Then, it returned to India, ‘here’, when the Tibetans fled their country in 1959 and estab­ lished many monasteries in India. Thus, in between times, the teaching spread back to India, and n o w it is being carried to the Americas, the land o f the red-faced people, the hom e o f the red Indians. T he dissemination o f Buddhism to the W est began in 1957, 2500 years after Buddha died.

Even i f Hearers and Solitary Realizers reach the end o f their paths and become Foe Destroyers, they are still only beings o f middling capacity; they must train in recognition o f all persons as their mothers, becom ing mindful o f their kindness, intent on repaying their kindness, and developing love, compassion, and the unusual attitude. W hen they generate the latter, they become beings o f great capacity and are called ‘those who form erly generated the realization o f a Foe D estroyer’ .

W hen one does not think forcefully about the field o f observation but just meditates, ‘M a y they be free from suffering and the causes o f suffering’, this is an uncertain action, it not being specifiable w hen the effect w ill mature. Therefore, it is important to petition the Three Jew els for help and enthusiastically extend the scope o f altruistic wishes to all beings. 6 Wisdom The cause behind sentient beings’ uncontrolled travelling in cyclic existence is misconception o f the nature o f objects.

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