Chariot of the Fortunate: The Life of the First Yongey by Je Tukyi Dorje, Surmang Tendzin Rinpoche, Yeshe Gyamtso,

By Je Tukyi Dorje, Surmang Tendzin Rinpoche, Yeshe Gyamtso, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

This great, outrageous, and gorgeous biography of the 1st Yongey Mingyur Dorje, written via Je Tukyi Dorje and Surmang Tendzin Rinpoche, describes the visionary internal lifetime of this nice treasure revealer exhibiting us knowledge, kindness, and ability.

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No rituals need be performed for his benefit. But you monks should hold onto your knives! " The monk was struck dumb with embarrassment and surprise. The two monks returned to Thrangu Monastery only to discover that Traleg Rinpoche had passed away on the fifteenth day of the month. It was later discovered that Tarke, the nephew of the previous Traleg Rinpoche, had killed Nyima Tensal with magic and poison. The monks slit Tarke's throat, killing him. It became necessary for a while for each monk to wear a knife at his belt for selfprotection.

Without abandoning his body he went to Changlochen and is said to be there still, teaching dharma to dakinis. 20 He next appeared in the region of Gungthang as the vidyadhara Vulture Feather, who opened the doors to the profound treasures called Five Secret Treasuries That Protect Tibet. He then became Drikung Namchak Mebar, also known as Rinchen Puntsok, who revealed profound treasures and spread Guru Rinpoche's doctrine. After that series of births he appeared as the great treasure revealer Yongey Mingyur Dorje, who possessed the same supercognitions and other forms of yogic prowess as the eighty-four mahasiddhas.

A man of the earth element and dragon birth, His body adorned by a pile of ashes, The jnana vajra Eat his heart, A vajra eye on his forehead, The wheel of existence at his abdomen, Fierce and ferocious, he will have all the signs of wrathful power. In his parentage devas and maras will be combined. He will be pleasing to look upon. As stated above, his body exhibited unchanging symbols and signs. He was marked by a row of piles of ash, a perfectly triangular mole over his heart in the shape of E, a vajra eye on his forehead, lines shaped like the wheel of existence on his abdomen, and all the other signs of wrathful power.

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