Calcified Tissues 1975: Proceedings of the XIth European by N. A. Thorn (auth.), S. Pors Nielsen, E. Hjørting-Hansen

By N. A. Thorn (auth.), S. Pors Nielsen, E. Hjørting-Hansen (eds.)

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3 :-'- I "0 z::! " ~ TIME AFTER DOSE Figure 6. Diurnalvariation of CaBP and calcium content of rat duodenum. 2% P) semi-synthetic regimen for 3 weeks were killed in groups at the times indicated. Their CaBP was fractionated and analyzed (4). The calcium content refers to the calcium concentration of the initial supemate (S-100) from which CaBP was fractionated. 33 saturable calcium transport we searched for evidence of a negative feedbackrelationship between calcium absorption and CaBP. Our evidence for such a feedback relationship is based on several kinds of experiments: i) CaBP Ievels are higher in animals on low calcium diet than in animals on a high calcium diet (Table I; (4)).

Baden near Vienna 1972, Czitober, H. & Eschberger, J. ), Facta-Publication Vienna, pp. 361-364, 1973 7. , Shinitzky, M. : Cholesterol in Mycoplasma Membranes: Cerrelation of Enzymic and Transport Activities with Physical State of Lipids in Membranes of Mycoplasma Mycoides Var. Capri Adapted to Grow with Low Cholesterol Concentrations. Biochem. Biophys. Acta 323, 509-519 (1973) 58 8. R. : Aniontransport defect in erythrocytes from uremic patients. Trans. Amer. Ass. Physic. 77, 169-181 (1969) 59 CHAPfERII Structure and Ultrastructure of Bone Cells.

L'effet protecteur du Iactose vis a vis du squelette de Ia ratte allaitante. R. Acad. Sei. (Paris} 238, 509-511 (1954) 7. Fournier, P. : Pouvoir antirachitique de composes divers dits de structure Iactose, glucosamine, L xylose, mannitol. R. Acad. Sei. (Paris} 250, 3050-3052 (1960) 8. : A turbidometric method for the determination of higher polyethylene glycols in biological materials. Kgl. Lantbruks. Högskol Ann. 22, 139-145 (1955) 9. Hyvarinen, A. : Specific determination of blood glucose with o.

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