Byte - July 1976 by Virginia Williamson

By Virginia Williamson

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The dynamics of transatlantic kinfolk within the twenty-first century were formed through an American choice for the workout of its significant 'hard strength' features whereas Europeans have most well liked to attract upon the significant 'soft energy' assets that experience grown from their enviable inner approaches of integration.

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The contents of the destination (to) register becomes the same as the originating register. Any CPU register can be loaded into any CPU register. Note that loading register A into register A is essentially a NOP (no operation) command. When using mnemonics the load symbol is the letter L followed by the "to" register and then the "from" register. The mnemonic LBA means that the contents of register A (the accumulator) is to be loaded into register B. The mnemonic LAB states that register B is to have its contents loaded into register A.

25 Misc. •. 50 4002-1 $ 7. 00 Please send for complete l isting of IC's and Xistors at co mpetitive prices. MIKOS 419 Portofin o Dr. San Carlos , Calif. 5usec Check or money order only . calif. residents 6 % tax . 00 orders postpaid in US. All devkes tested prior to safe. Money back 30 day Guarantee. $10 min. order . Prices subject to change without notice. Reprinted from . MACHI NE LANGUAGE PROGRAMMING FOR THE "8008" (and similar microcomputers) . Author: Nat Wadsworth Copyright 1975 Copyright 1976 - Revised Scelbi Computer Consulting Inc With the permission of the copyright owner.

The CHRPR subroutine is used to disp lay (or print) a single character. These routines are not shown in the listings, but shoul d be adapted from the routines normally used with the particular system in which the program is run. Both KEYBD and CHRPR use the accumulator (A) to pass a single character argument. KEY BD defines a value in A obtained from the input device. CHRPR displays the value in A on a device such as a video display or Teletype. Al l other registers of the 8080 processor should be left unchanged upon return from either of these routines.

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