Bombast And Broadsides: the lives of George Johnstone by ROBIN F.A. FABEL


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71 John Home was delighted. From Leith he wrote Bute a letter which makes it clear both that he had never directly asked Bute to give a governorship to Johnstone and that he very much had wanted his friend to have one. It seems doubtful that the earl did not know of Home's preference. 72 When these and other similar nominations were made public, Bute received the full force ofvitriolic obloquy for partiality to his fellow Scots in You are reading copyrighted material published by the University of Alabama Press.

For permission to reuse this work, contact the University of Alabama Press. Man ofWar 17 the distribution of governorships. The attack, which also dilated on the tyrannical tendencies of Scots in authority, appeared in an extraordinary issue of John Wilkes's North Briton dated September 17, 1763. Johnstone lacked the disposition to bear such treatment passively. His letter of remonstrance was construed as a challenge by the author, who claimed that he would entertain challenges solely from Bute and only if the earl declared Johnstone his champion would he break a lance with the governor.

The affair attracted popular attention and ironical speculation on the prospect for West Floridians. 73 Moreover, it cost Johnstone a great deal of money to extricate himself from the legal consequences of his rashness. 74 The incident revealed Johnstone's taste for violent solutions and a disregard, in certain circumstances, for his own dignity of which, in other situations, he was inordinately careful. 75 His commission was issued on November 21, and his instructions followed on December 7,1763.

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