Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Polymers (Ulla Pharmacy) by Ph.D. Vauthier Denis J. p. Labarre;Gilles Ponchel;Christine

By Ph.D. Vauthier Denis J. p. Labarre;Gilles Ponchel;Christine

It will be the 5th identify within the new "ULLA" sequence - a chain of leading edge introductory textbooks for college students in pharmaceutical sciences. this article supplies a finished overview of polymer chemistry learn and improvement in pharmaceutics giving insights and up to date details into the explanation in the back of using such molecules, their physicochemical features, artificial routes, and sensible examples of formula layout utilizing those components. it really is a necessary examining for any aspiring researcher during this quarter forming a valid starting place from which to construct on.

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Dispersed polymer particles of diameter less than 1 mm were found to be suitable for this. 2) or by precipitation methods directly from the polymer. These polymer dispersions need to remain stable in media that can be used for in vivo administration and to display suitable surface properties to fulfil the drug-delivery duty with the desired pharmacokinetic and biodistribution profiles. A tremendous amount of work has been spent on designing the polymer particle surface to ensure stability of the particles as dispersions and to confer the particles with the desired biopharmaceutical characteristics.

When using such polymers and copolymers in formulation of a solution, it is important to check systematically whether the PEG-containing compound soluble at room temperature will become insoluble at body temperature. g. 1). This is typically the case for aqueous solutions of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Polymers Chapter No. 2 Dated: 21/9/2010 At Time: 10:12:50 General characteristics of polymers | 37 poloxamer 407, which are liquid below 25  C and form a gel at higher temperatures. Adding polymers to a solution confers new physicochemical properties to the solution.

Additionally, this method can easily be applied to low-molecular-weight polymers, but the accuracy becomes questionable for polymers with a molecular weight above 20 000. It is also noteworthy that this method gives only a value of Mn, without any indication about the polymolecularity of the sample. Viscosity The viscosity of polymer solutions depends on both the concentration and the molecular weight of the polymer. Thus, measurement of the viscosity of a solution of polymer can be a way to determine the molecular weight of the dissolved polymer.

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