Ajs Review, 1992, Part 2 by Robert Chazan

By Robert Chazan

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73. See also Ephraim Urbach. Ha-Halacha: Mekoroteha ve-Hitpathutah(Yad la-Talmud, 1984), pp. 192-193. 74. Kalmin, Redaction of the Babylonian Talmud, pp. 1-11 and 51-94. TALMUDIC PORTRAYALS OF AMORAIC RELATIONSHIPS 193 simultaneouslybut independently,leavingbehinddifferentliteraturescomposed by differentgroups at the same time. The distinctionsbetweeneditorialand amoraiccommentary,however, might derivefrom the differentroles these commentariesplay in the sugya and tell us nothingaboutwho authoredthem or whentheywerecomposed.

Yosef assureshim that he has no cause for worry,implying that Rava acted contraryto Yosef. Safraor the anonymouseditorsask why he heardthis disturbingverse,and Yosef or the editors respondthat it was 75. Hullin 133a. Why,then, was it not sent to Rava, Safraor the editorsask, to whichYosefor the editorsrespondthat Ravawas in disfavor, literally,"rebuked,"and the heavenlypowers refrainedfrom direct communicationwith him. It is consistentwith Yosef'sdisapprovalof Rava in severalother contextsand does not work as well as an additionby the anonymouseditors,who elsewhererefrainfromexplicitcriticismof earlier rabbis.

6 I would maintain, however, that the judgment of any reader as to whetherthe teacher'skabbalisticexplanationsultimatelyresolveand erase the student'schallengesis ultimatelysubjective,and that a differentfeature of SeferHaKanahwarrantsfurtherattentionin any attemptto evaluatethe treatise'srelationshipto the rabbinicnorm. 8. Y. Baer, Toledot HaYehudim BeSefarad HaNozrit (Tel Aviv, 1949), p. 224. 9. S. Horodetzky, HaMistorin BeYisrael, vol. 2 (Tel Aviv, 1952), pp. 362-363. 10. Kushnir-Oron, HaPeliah veHakanah, p.

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