A Guide to the Words of My Perfect Teacher by Khenpo Ngawang Pelzang, Padmakara Translation Group

By Khenpo Ngawang Pelzang, Padmakara Translation Group

This advisor offers readers with crucial history details for learning and training with Patrul Rinpoche's Words of My excellent instructor— the textual content that has, for greater than a century, served because the trustworthy sourcebook to the non secular practices universal to the entire significant faculties of Tibetan Buddhism. via delivering chapter-by-chapter remark in this well known paintings, Khenpo Pelzang presents a clean point of view at the position of the trainer; the phases of the trail; the view of the 3 Jewels; Madhyamika, the foundation of transcendent knowledge; and lots more and plenty extra.

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However, while these may be long, short, or swift paths to attaining higher rebirth, because of the person's intention, they do not enable him or her to proceed to attaining buddhahood. With this sort of attitude, though you may observe the 253 monastic rules of the pratimoksha and wear the three Dharma robes, your motivation will be no better than an old man's, and you will be simply an old monk or a well-disciplined old man. Similarly, if you visualize the peaceful deities of the generation phase in an ordinary way, 23 you will be reborn as a god in the world of desire; and if you visualize a wrathful deity in an ordinary way, you will be reborn as a demon or Rudra.

The lesser degree of courage is like that of a crippled mother whose child is swept away in a river, and involves thinking, "Since I do not at present have the ability to liberate beings, and the one who has that ability is the Teacher, the Buddha Bhagavan, I shall first accomplish buddhahood and then liberate myself through realization and liberate other beings through compassion, teaching them the path of liberation. " This is the second aspect, focusing on perfect enlightenment with wisdom.

You might make offerings to the Three Jewels and give generously to ordinary beings, but if you later have regrets and mentally withdraw your instructions with regard to the things you gave, thinking that you could just as well have offered half or a third as much, such regret leads to the merit of your positive actions being consumed. Finally, showing off your positive actions leads to their merit being consumed. Whether or not you have been able to recite the Mani one hundred million times, you might thread a dunt 5 onto your mala and swear that you have completed the hundred million, showing off your mala to everyone and getting in the way of people traveling on foot or standing in front of those on horseback to tell them all about the little virtue you have accomplished.

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