Data Use Agreement Decision Tree

If you wish to send your data to another party, the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) can help you compile a user or software agreement for the outgoing data. An agreement ensures that the transfer of data or software complies with academic guidelines. The agreement protects you, your laboratory, your future rights and the requirements of the promotional bodies that must be fulfilled before sending the data. A data use agreement is similar to a confidentiality agreement that imposes restrictions on the use and disclosure of your non-public data by the other party. AEDs deal with important issues such as restrictions imposed on the recipient in the use of data, data protection obligations, liability for damages resulting from the use of data, publication rights and restrictions, and data protection rights. Please read both Starting Point to Applying for dbGaP Data and dbGaP Individual Level Individual Data Access Request Procedures for the detailed instructions provided by NCBI to request access to data. Question 2: Will it be one of the 18 personal identifiers defined by HIPAA? No no. The HIPC and its requirements do not apply. Submit the minutes directly to the IRB. Yes. This data is PHI and protected by HIPAA.

See question 3. The database offers two levels of access: open (available to everyone without restriction) and controlled (pre-authorizing). Controlled access to the database allows genotype and phenotype data to be downloaded at the individual level that has been anonymized (i.e. no personal identifiers such as name, etc.). ORI also manages centralized data usage agreements that integrate research data. From start to finish, the ORI coordinates all necessary behind-the-scenes checks (e.g.B. with CIS, OGC, etc.) and strives to execute draft contracts on behalf of the investigator. The ORI requires that the Data Use Agreement („DAH“) application form be completed for all proposed AEDs, to ensure that reasonable terms are negotiated. Please send any questions regarding the application or this form by email to [email protected] and not to a single email address to ensure timely verification of your email.

To help you verify and execute a data or software agreement, contact an Industry Alliances Office Enterprise Agreement administrator. Like a data use agreement, a data access agreement (DAA) is an agreement that is used to access another party`s secure website to use the data. there is no data transmission. Research Data Use Agreements (AEDs) govern the access and processing of data provided to Berkeley by an external organization for use in Berkeley research. If you have any questions about when a data use agreement or orI verification is required, please contact [email protected]. The Industry Alliances Office deals with sector contracts as well as autonomous data use agreements. The ILO contract administrator can keep you informed of the progress of an agreement you have requested and involve you in the process if you wish. For more information about research data, including general principles for data exchange and other resources available at Stanford, see DoResearch.

A data use agreement defines who can use and receive the LDS, as well as the uses and disclosures authorized of that information by the recipient and provides that the recipient will do the following: the period from the date the ILO receives a complete set of Phoebe data from the Berkeley applicant until the time of signing an agreement varies significantly depending on the limitations, that the provider imposes on the data or software.. . . .

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