Bank Cash Management Agreement

You agree that you are held jointly liable for any obligations to the bank arising from an access agreement of other bank customers who are bound by an access agreement and who control you, are controlled by you or are under joint control with you. For the purposes of this paragraph, „control“ means direct or indirect ownership of 25% or more of another person`s shareholding or voting rights (the „controlled person“) or the possession of the power to direct or exercise the direction or policy of the controlled person, whether by the ability to exercise voting rights, voting rights, contracts or otherwise. Entities are controlled „under common control“ when the same person exercises control of those entities. You agree that the bank converts the currency to our current exchange rate for the declared foreign currency if you request a money transfer in a currency other than the U.S. dollar. If funds are returned to you in a currency other than the U.S. dollar, the bank will convert the returned foreign currency into U.S. dollars at the time of return to the current exchange rate of that currency. If the Bank does not have a current exchange rate for the foreign currency in question, the Bank will make reasonable economic efforts to immediately convert the currency through appropriate trading and/or banking channels, and you will have to pay the Bank reasonable fees for these services. Under no circumstances will the Bank be liable to you for losses resulting from the Monetary Conversions made in good faith by the Bank within a reasonable period of time after receipt of the means of conversion. You can view account information and other account and credit information through Cash Management Services.

As certain information and transactions are not processed by us until after the end of our banking day, some transactions can only be reflected in the system the following day of the bank. Posted items can be cancelled due to insufficient resources, payment freezes, etc. Items can be displayed as paid, but can be cancelled the next day. Some balances cannot be withdrawn immediately either. We assume no responsibility for losses resulting from incomplete information or a temporary interruption of cash management services. E-mail: The customer can email cashmanagement@radiusbank.com the bank. PLEASE NOTE: Regular emails are not secure. Customers should not send confidential or sensitive information such as a social security number, account number, personal identification number or password in the text of an email or any attachment. Each of your accounts with River City Bank is also subject to account agreements and identity cards (together the „deposit agreement and disclosure“). It is the customer`s responsibility to ensure that each signatory, authorized agent, service user and all account owners and beneficiaries have a copy of this access agreement and the deposit and disclosure agreement. Another additional security feature is the creation of a digital code at the point of connection if the computer is not detected. Our online system calls the registered phone number in the cash management system to confirm the code presented by the system or, if you wish, send a unique code to the mobile number listed in our online cash management system.

You need to enter the code (in addition to your usual security information) to complete the login process and gain access to our online system. If the code is not entered correctly, access is not allowed and you cannot log in. In the absence of a security method or a combination of security methods, you need to ensure that your network and all computer systems are updated, protected from intrusion and managed using proven methods.

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